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Login: Bufkin Ridge Ranch

The Bufkin Ridge Ranch is a BBS (Bulletin Board System) setup to run Door games and local message areas.
These 'Doors' are games that are text based and rendered in ANSI (specaial character graphics). The local message areas are only hosted on our board and not shared with any other system. The BBS itself can be accessed through an TELNET connection. For the best experience please use a true ANSI (IBM extended charset) client. There is a list on the left side of this page that you can use to log on with.

The Bufkin Ridge Ranch BBS Message Forms
We are building a large local message forms that will fit the needs of most people. We add message conferences per request from our users. The local message forms are only seen on our site and only with those that are logged into our BBS. This keeps all the messages from ending up on some web search engine for anyone to find.
We do offer fidonet and othernet message areas. This are packet transfered to other BBS's around the world so that people from everwhere can join in. Being that these are networks conferences Bufkin Ridge Ranch can not promise that the content of the message conferences will stay hidden from the internet.
All our message conferences can be accessed for free! Just signup and login. They can be viewed in your web browser or by telneting into our ansi side using a few on the telnet programs listed on the left side of the page.

The Bufkin Ridge Ranch BBS Games.
The games on Bufkin Ridge Ranch BBS are for those that login using the telnet! There many type of games that are on the BBS. We have Two different versions of Trade Wars. We have mud type games to card games. Most are fun and quick to use. This is the best part of loging in using telnet is the games. Play games that have become lost to the world of the internet today. Web Pages are great but I still use the ansi side of BBS's more then their web sides.

The Bufkin Ridge Ranch BBS Files Online.
Are you into retro computing? Looking from some older files then there is a good chance that we have what you are looking for. We have over 10,000 files online and adding more as we find them. When I am not updating the BBS or adding door games I look for older files to add to my file database.

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